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Partial Payment Invoice in Hong Kong

A partial payment invoice is a document that requests a partial payment for a specific products or services. The amount request via the partial payment invoice is less than the total amount due. As an example, depending on the mutual understanding between the seller and buyer, it may be 50% or any other percentage.

partial payment invoice sample

This type of invoice is generally used in the following situations:

Let us now turn to how to make a partial invoice for half payment.

How to Make an Invoice for Half Payment

Generating a partial invoice is the same as generating a normal standard invoice with the following prominent differences:

Partial Payment Invoice Email Notification Template

Subject: Invoice # {XXX}

Dear {Name of the customer},

This email intends to communicate that your invoice for the recent order is attached. Please note that the attached invoice is for a partial payment and does not cover the full amount of the order.

Invoice details:
  • Invoice #: {XXX}
  • Invoice date: {DATE}
  • Invoice due date: {DATE}
  • Partial invoice amount: {AAAA}
  • Remaining balance: {BBBB}
Payment details:
{Payment details}

Your prompt response is highly appreciated. Thank you for doing business with us, and we are looking forward to long-term coordination and cooperation.

Best regards,
{You name}
{Your tile in the company}
{Your company name}

How to Create a Partial Payment Invoice

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