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Paperless Invoice in Hong Kong

A paperless invoice is when an invoice is created and sent in electronic format without printing on paper. It is sent to the customer via email or some platform on the Internet. These days, more businesses have started to adopt a paperless invoicing system to avoid wasteful environment impacts and to “go green”.

paperless invoice

A paperless invoice brings certain advantages and disadvantages. The following table will explore this:

Advantages Disadvantages
Paperless invoicing helps to streamline processes via integration, automation, and enhanced efficiency. Hence, it leads to reduced chance of errors and omissions. There is a higher dependence on technology when using a paperless invoice system. For instance, to execute this system successfully, compatible processes are required. Similarly, system downtime can be a big challenge to tackle.
Paperless invoices are friendly for the environment, as there is no need to cut trees to produce paper. It might be challenging for the businesses to implement a paperless invoicing system. For instance, they may need to incur costs, in terms of training and implementing the system.
Integration and automation makes the billing process highly efficient and fast, leading to fast cash collection from customers. Some stakeholders may be resistant to implementing a paperless invoice system. For instance, employees and/or customers may not be ready to embrace the change.
It is easy to track and manage the invoice when using paperless invoicing. For instance, to search for invoices on the mobile or laptop, all that is needed is to detail the invoice number and amount, etc, and search in the search bar. The invoice pops up in a few seconds.  

How to Create a Paperless Invoice

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