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Invoice With a Discount in Hong Kong

An invoice with a discount is a document that the seller sends to the customer to request payment for delivery of goods or services performed. As the name suggests, this type of invoice contains a discount, which reduces the amount payable.

Invoice with discount example

Usually, a discount is given to the customer as an incentive to achieve the following purposes:

How to Apply Discounts on an Invoice

In practice, two methods are used to apply discounts on invoices, which will now be discussed:

How to Create an Invoice with Discount


An invoice is a document requesting payment from the customer for goods delivered or services performed. An invoice with a discount is the same principle but with the added feature that it includes a discount. This discount is given to encourage customers to make prompt payment, or to buy goods or services in a larger quantity.

There are two methods to apply a discount on an invoice. One is the percentage method, where a certain percentage, such as 10% of the total invoice is reduced from the total invoice amount. The second is the direct amount method where a specific amount such as HK$500 is deducted from the invoice total.

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