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Invoice Item Description in Hong Kong

Invoice item description refers to the explanation of the products delivered or services performed for the customer and this is detailed on the invoice for which the customer is billed. As this is considered one of the essential components of the invoice, it serves as a record and helps to bring clarity and transparency. It helps to record the nature of items sold to the customer and because the item description is detailed clearly with all relevant information on the invoice, it will lead to customer satisfaction for the sales transaction.

invoice item description

Next will be a discussion on why the invoice item description is an important component of the invoice.

Why is the Invoice Item Description Considered an Important Component of the Invoice?

In short, the invoice item description is used in the context of invoice and billing with the primary purpose of providing a concise breakdown of the goods delivered or services performed.

Sample of an Invoice Item Description

As an example for the business selling the product, the invoice item description can be: “Brand Electric Shower ModelABC440”

Similarly, the business selling services can have an item description of the following: “Hours of Senior Consultant”


The invoice item description is an essential component of the invoice. It serves as a way to communicate the nature of the goods or services to be billed to the customers. There is an added importance as it helps to manage inventory, reports, reordering and is also used for record keeping purposes.

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