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Final Invoice in Hong Kong

A final invoice is sent to the customer once the project or work has been completed, or the goods and services has been supplied to the customer. It acts as a legal document and can be thought of as the final invoice that shows that the project has been completed or that the seller has fulfilled their commitment in line with the contract.

final invoice example

Purposes of a Final Invoice

As noted, the basic purpose of a final invoice is to request final payment form the customer and in this regard, it also serves the following additional purposes:

Tips to Generate Final Invoice

The following tips can be effective when using a final invoice:

Final Invoice Email Notification Template

Subject: Invoice # {XXX}

Hello {Name of the customer},

We are pleased to communicate that our {Project name} has been completed. In this regard, we intend to provide you with the attached final invoice for record and payment purposes.

Payment Options:
{Details related to payment options}

Please make sure to pay the invoice before the due date. If you have already paid the invoice, kindly accept our sincere thanks.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. We value your business terms and look forward to mutual success. If you have any questions or queries, kindly contact us at {Email / Phone}.

Best regards,
{Your Full Name}
{Your Position / Title}
{Your Company Name}
{Your Contact Information}

How to Create a Final Invoice

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